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Creating Meaningful Connections 

Family Movie Journal was created with the goal of breaking through the barrier of the digital age to find ways for parents to connect and discover more about their children.

Family Movie Journal transforms family movie night into a joyful, interactive, and meaningful activity.  Featuring 100 full-color pages that have been specifically designed to balance the fun of watching a movie, with thoughtful analysis of plot, characters, and main themes, your family can use the Family Movie Journal as a tool to work through these topics and bring more meaning to sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a favorite DVD.

Not only does this create open communication through family activity, but it gives parents a broader insight into how their child processes complex thought, and it’s something the kids want and are excited to do!


How it Works

Family Movie Journal is effective because it's like a game for kids! It's fun to use, and your kids will want to pull it out and use it after every family movie night. 

Not only is it simple and straightforward to use (so that both children and adults can use it with minimal headache), its been specially designed to balance fun, habitual activities like rating a movie, with more in-depth and rich discussion.

Your family can work together to answer questions about plots, main themes, and more difficult life topics, like sadness or anger, that helps facilitate safe and open communication for everyone.

Family Move Journal also gives children to write down their favorite movie quotes, discover new actors or actresses they enjoy, and even rank which character made the funniest face, so you can really let go and be silly together!



Make Memories Through Movies

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Movie Memories

Family Movie Journal provides a break from the hustle and bustle of daily family life (think PTA meetings, carpool, laundry, meals, sports practice, and music lessons) and lets you relax create meaningful time with your children.  

Insightful conversations are a great way to bond, and, as we all know, kids grow up way too fast. Soak up all the time you have with them and take the chance to do more activities with them, create memories together, and build bonds you'll remember forever.

Every movie night with Family Movie Journal will end in laughter. Just grab your movie, a bowl of popcorn and your Family Movie Journal, and start building bonds and memories that will last a lifetime.

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