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Family Movie Journal was created by CEO & Founder, Laurie Arron, with a goal of finding a way to break through the barrier of the digital age and a deeper way to connect with and discover more about her children.  Laurie is a seasoned executive at one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, which means busy days (and long nights) of work, making time spent with her twins, husband and dog, extremely precious.  She wanted to connect with her family in a way that truly engaged all of them, and allowed them to bond, open communication, and maximize the quality of time they were able to spend with each other. 

Family Movie Journal has been specially designed by Laurie to balance fun, habitual activities like rating a movie, with more in-depth, thoughtful activities, like talking about what you learned from the movie’s plot. 

Laurie is now focusing her efforts on bringing Family Movie Journal to parents everywhere who are looking to maximize their family time make a fun and personal connection with their children.